Rediscover Port with ice, tonic, and a tasty topping for the summer season coming.

The sunny days have announced the great come-back of the trendy and refreshing way to drink Port in cocktails with CRUZ Fresco!

One key trend for aperitifs is the demand for fresher and more modern methods of consumption. Our cocktails CRUZ Fresco are intended to ride this wave!

Whether you are port Drinkers, aperitive enthusiasts or willing to rediscover Port you will be seduced by this tasty and attractive cocktail! Colourful, easy to make, fresh and gourmet, this cocktail makes the consumption of Port more accessible and reveal the fruity aromas of Port.


CRUZ Fresco can be enjoyed with Porto CRUZ White, Tawny, or Pink.

Three cocktails with one unique recipe: ice, 1/3 of Porto CRUZ, 2/3 of tonic and a tasty topping!

Welcoming more than 130.000 visitors a year, the Espaço Porto CRUZ is a great testimony to the core values of the brand, traditional in a contemporary way. Its 360° rooftop bar is a lovely place to enjoy a cocktail CRUZ Fresco with a breath-taking view of the city of Porto.

And if going there to sip a cocktail is not part of your next plan, a bottle of Porto CRUZ, ice, tonic, and your favourite topping will be enough to create a little taste of Portugal in your glass!



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Find other recipes on our Cocktail Recipes page.


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