There are various varieties of Port:

Red Ports

les portos rouges

There are two general categories of Red Port: "Tawny" and "Ruby".

- "Tawny" Ports are prepared with red grape varieties, and are aged for several years in oak casks or tuns.

- "Ruby" Ports are also made with red grape varieties, and most are aged in bottles after one to three years in casks.

Their colours vary from deep red to golden according to the duration of ageing and the ageing method used.

White Ports

les portos blancs

This type of Port is made with white grape varieties and is aged in vats. Some of these Ports might then be aged in casks.

Rosé Ports

les portos rosés

Prepared with red grape varieties, this type of Port is macerated only for a short time, which brings them a lighter colour than Ruby or Tawny Ports.

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