Try Port in cocktails!

Summer is nearly here! To celebrate it, why not enjoy Port again with a new twist?
Try Port in cocktails! Try Port in cocktails!
Try Port in a cocktail! The sweetness and fruitiness of Cruz White and Rosé Ports make them the ideal ingredients for creating surprising and unusual blends.

We have chosen 3 simple and refreshing recipes for you that will amaze your guests.

“Rosemary” is a fresh, light and fragrant cocktail, perfect for this season. Place 1 slice of ginger into a glass and add 1 cl of Cruz White Port. Then add ice cubes. Finish with 7 cl of Cruz White Port and top up with tonic. Decorate your glass with a sprig of rosemary. Stir and enjoy! The bitterness of the ginger combined with the sweetness of Cruz White makes for a delicious cocktail.

More of a red berry fan? Try “Pink Purple”, a refreshing and colourful drink. Pour a dash of blackberry cordial into a glass and add 5 cl of Cruz Rosé Port. You could also use crème de cassis or raspberry liqueur instead of the blackberry. Top up with tonic and serve well chilled! This delicious cocktail, with its bright colour and fruity flavour, is a delight for the eyes and the taste buds!

We’ve kept the cocktail with the biggest kick for last: “Spicy Pink”. Squeeze an orange segment into a glass and fill with ice. Add a small chilli pepper followed by 12 cl of Cruz Rosé Port. Stir, then decorate with fresh mint leaves.

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