Surprise your guests with delicious food and Port pairings

With its rich history and unique traditions, Porto CRUZ offers a wide range of Ports that pair beautifully with each stage of your meal.

Surprise your guests with delicious food and Port pairings Surprise your guests with delicious food and Port pairings

Whether you're a keen cook, a confirmed foodie or simply curious, here are three indulgent recipes we believe go wonderfully with Port.

Before you start, make the most of these pairings by using proper port glasses – very similar to wine glasses. This will help you fully appreciate the wine's flavours and aromas.

First on the menu is a lamb tagine with preserved lemons accompanied by a 1998 CRUZ Colheita. This beautifully rounded vintage Port is the perfect partner for this tagine. The dried fruit notes and sweetness of the honey in the CRUZ Colheita are complemented by the acidity of the preserved lemons. To make the dish even tastier, try adding black olives while it is cooking. This will give added depth of flavour. The clever combination of this distinctive Port with a mellow lamb tagine is sure to surprise you.

Next, to make a change from the usual chocolate cake, we suggest a pecan pie accompanied by a Cruz Special Reserve. Although recipes vary, the pecans marry perfectly with the Special Reserve’s nut aromas and dried fruit notes, helping to bring out its slightly sweet flavour.

And to satisfy lovers of fruity desserts, we have an equally indulgent alternative: a panna cotta with red berry coulis accompanied by a CRUZ Tawny. This great classic made from the best grapes in the Douro Valley will enhance the coulis’ bold flavour and acidity. And the Tawny’s red berry aromas combined with the coulis will make the vanilla panna cotta taste sublime.

Enjoy your meal!