This summer, enjoy your port ‘Fresco’!

This summer, give your port a refreshing twist with the ‘Fresco’.

This summer, enjoy your port ‘Fresco’!

As a lover of port, have you ever tried it ‘Fresco’? It’s very simple to make: just fill your glass with ice cubes and add enough Cruz Port to cover. A refreshing and surprising drink, perfect for summer. Customise your ‘Cruz Fresco’ with your favourite CRUZ Port: Tawny, Ruby, White or Pink.

To bring out the flavours, add another colourful touch to your ‘Cruz Fresco’! A slice of orange in your glass of CRUZ Tawny or Ruby Port will accentuate its fruity notes. A slice of lemon with bring a tangy touch to your CRUZ White Port. Meanwhile, for CRUZ Pink Port, opt for a few fresh mint leaves which will bring out its red berry notes.

Quick and easy to make and very thirst-quenching, this fresh and fruity aperitif is perfect for the summer months. You might also prefer to enjoy it on a terrace with friends – the different options, with their mouth-watering colours, will spark everyone’s curiosity.

Please drink responsibly!