Set off on a discovery to Porto CRUZ Classic range!

From red Tawny to White to Pink, Porto CRUZ has a wide range of high-quality port wines in sparkling colours.

Discover or rediscover the differences in production and storage and the tasting advice that makes Porto CRUZ a perfect complement to your new experiences!

Set off on a discovery to Porto CRUZ Classic range! Set off on a discovery to Porto CRUZ Classic range!

The Porto CRUZ Classic range features the three main colours of port wine: red, white and pink. Each wine comes with its own vinification techniques that give it a unique character in terms of aroma, flavour and colour.

Porto CRUZ Tawny , whose name refers to its rusty, coppery colour, is made exclusively from red grape varieties. Aged in oak barrels for 4 years, the bouquet reveals notes of dried fruit that develop and become more complex over time. Its fruity notes make it a perfect pairing for cheese and chocolate desserts. For an aperitif, Porto CRUZ Tawny is best enjoyed at room temperature or over ice with a slice of orange.

Porto CRUZ White gains its beautiful golden colour during a short maceration period before bottling. The blend of white grape varieties used gives it a floral fragrance, accentuated by notes of apple and pear. Its delicate flavour, enhanced by notes of citrus, almonds and honey, means that Porto CRUZ White can be enjoyed both neat and over ice, or in a cocktail mixed with tonic or cranberry juice.

Porto CRUZ Pink is the latest member to join the Porto CRUZ Classic range, in 2009, adding an extra touch of colour. Made from the same grape varieties as Porto CRUZ Tawny, Porto CRUZ Pink takes its ruby colour from a short maceration of the juice in contact with the pigments in the grape skins. This specific vinification process also gives it a gentle flavour with red berry notes. Enjoy Porto CRUZ Pink neat, over ice with a mint leaf or diluted with sparkling water and a dash of lemon juice.