Set off in discovery of our gourmet harmonies!

Surprise your guests with a meal based on exceptional port wines.

Porto Cruz invites you to discover the richness of its port wines through gourmet pairings with food. The pairings of dishes with port wines set off the food to perfection, together with the flavours and aromas of the Cruz ports.

First of all, why not start with grilled tapas of peppers and smoked duck breast? They go perfectly with a glass of Cruz Tawny, which will reveal its aromas of strawberry and raspberry.

Then continue to surprise your guests on this gourmet voyage with an onion and Roquefort tarte tatin, highlighting the dish with a glass of Cruz Vintage 1999. Its notes of lightly candied red fruits will complement the cheese beautifully and create very wonderful harmony on the palate.

Enjoy an almond and honey tart with a glass of Cruz Colheita 1992 to finish off the experience. The alliance will tame the complex aromas of dried fruit and spices in this exceptional vintage.