PORTO CRUZ Heritage Cuvée

2017 was a special year for PORTO CRUZ, celebrating the 130th anniversary of the House GRAN CRUZ. For this special occasion, a new premium and unique reference has been crafted: CRUZ HERITAGE.

PORTO CRUZ Heritage Cuvée

This old tawny Port is the result of a subtle and balanced blend of the 9 best CRUZ Port Wines of the last 4 decades. It is presented in a premium bottle with the Woman in black, icon of GRAN CRUZ, silkscreened on it and exhibited in a wonderful box.

Elegant and sweet, the wine stands out thanks to its well-balanced notes of dried fruits (almond and fig), candied oranges and subtle spicy aromas like cinnamon and pink pepper.

"The result is a very elegant and velvet wine, with very well integrated nutty and spicy notes."

- José Sousa Soares, winemaker -

Serve lightly chilled it pairs wonderfully with desert like almond pie, apple crumble with vanilla ice cream or crème brûlée, or can be appreciated alone.