PORTO CRUZ celebrates 130th of expertise

PORTO CRUZ celebrated 130 years of history, expertise and passion, during a very special evening on the 22nd of September, with the presence of the President of Portugal, Marcelo REBELO DE SOUSA and renowned Portuguese artists.

PORTO CRUZ celebrates 130th of expertise PORTO CRUZ celebrates 130th of expertise PORTO CRUZ celebrates 130th of expertise
PORTO CRUZ commemorated its anniversary during a prestigious gala dinner, taking place in the historical Palacio Da Bolsa, one of the most-visited sites in Porto, famous for its exquisite neoclassical facade and ornate gilded Arabian Hall. Katia GUERREIRO, one of today’s foremost Fado singers, offered the guests a vibrant and moving performance.

PORTO CRUZ has always been committed to Portuguese contemporary art and was proud to introduce two original works of art during the event. Created in honour of the 130th anniversary, Rodrigo OLIVEIRA, sculptor, and Tamara ALVES, street-artist, respectively reinterpreted the Douro landscape and the Woman in Black, icon of PORTO CRUZ.

The dinner has been thought up by the internationally renowned Portuguese chef, Miguel Muller de CASTRO E SILVA, and the night went on with Yen SUNG, one of the first female DJs in Portugal.

The momentum of the evening was the tasting of GRAN CRUZ Very Old Port 130th Anniversary edition, limited down to 250 bottles. This extraordinary old Port wine reflects all the richness and excellence of Port since the XIX century.

GRAN CRUZ Very Old Port
130th anniversary edition

This wine, especially crafted to celebrate 130 years of GRAN CRUZ, is the purest expression of the Douro and Port wine.
To make this blend, wines from the XIX century have been used, produced prior of the era of Phylloxera, together with other rarities which have been selected over the life of the company and which have been aged for more than a century in oak barrels in the Douro and Vila Nova de Gaia.