Immerse yourself in the heart of Portugal with PORTO CRUZ

The GRAN CRUZ House, whose origins date back to 1887, is the product of a long tradition that combines passion with innovation. The excellence of its wines comes from its complete mastery of the production process for Port.

The steep vineyards of the Douro Valley – the birthplace of Port wine – have a unique microclimate. The harsh winters and hot summers allow a very unique concentration of aromas and sugar to develop. The arid land forges the special character of CRUZ wines, making them exceptional products.

The GRAN CRUZ House is a human story above all, and the harvest is still carried out exclusively by hand. In September, during the harvest, all the valley sets to work picking and pressing the grapes to collect their precious juice. Once the harvest is complete, the juice is vinified in Alijo, in the heart of the Douro, at the GRAN CRUZ winemaking centre.

Next comes the most delicate step: the art of blending. This meticulous selection of the best juice not only gives CRUZ Ports all their character, but also their highly unique flavour. It is the combination of different varieties, ageing methods, ageing time and blends that gives the Ports their wide range of colours, aromas and flavours.

Finally, after the blending stage, the Ports are laid down for ageing in our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. The cool humidity of the cellars gives the wines finesse, opulence and a rounded character.

Proud of its origins, the GRAN CRUZ House remains steadfast in ensuring its traditions and the excellence of its cuvées are upheld.