How to enjoy your ports

From aperitif to after-dinner drinks, there is a port that accompanies every occasion perfectly. Here are a few tips for enjoying port wines and creating the best pairings.

How to enjoy your ports How to enjoy your ports
For over 130 years, Gran CRUZ has been making characterful ports that offer a host of aromas and flavours. Complex wines born out of the diversity of grape varieties, blends and ageing times that suit every occasion.

CRUZ Special Reserve port has an incomparably fruity taste that makes it ideal as an aperitif. Enjoy it at room temperature to fully appreciate its generous dried fruit notes. This wine will also wonderfully complement foie gras, cheese and fruit at your Christmas and New Year meals. Keep it in a cool place no warmer than 15°C, away from light, and drink within one month of opening.

Made from a single harvest, CRUZ Colheita 1998 port is a rare vintage, aged for many years in oak casks. Its generous, elegant bouquet reveals notes of walnut and figs. On the palate, it boasts a wonderful complexity marked by honey, dried fruit and spices. It is a perfect accompaniment to goat’s cheese and almond desserts. Enjoy the wine at room temperature and drink within four months of opening.

Aged for nearly 20 years in the bottle, CRUZ Vintage 1999 port releases all its aromas once decanted. It gets more intense and complex with age, and marries perfectly with poultry, blue cheese and even chocolate. On the palate, it boasts a lovely harmony of spicy flavours with light blackberry and blackcurrant notes. Enjoy this port within 48 hours of decanting. Recipe idea: the vintages and their unique bouquet are a wonderful pairing for a moist chocolate cake.

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