Fresco: A fresh, new experience of port!

This summer, Fresco is back for ever-more refreshing and surprising aperitifs.

Fresco: A fresh, new experience of port! Fresco: A fresh, new experience of port!

People usually drink their port straight at room temperature, so they can appreciate all its fruity flavours. This summer, CRUZ Port is revolutionising this practice, introducing port with a difference, by serving it fresco!

With this new way of drinking port, CRUZ brings modernity to pre-dinner drinks. It is now served on ice with a touch of citrus, adding a bit of pep and freshness to your port. To make a CRUZ Fresco, nothing is simpler: fill your glass with ice, pour in your chosen Cruz Port, then add the extra touch.

Enhance your CRUZ Tawny Port with a slice of orange as decoration and to reveal its fruity aromas. Do you love honey notes? Go for CRUZ White Port enhanced with a slice of lemon for a hint of tang. Or try adding a few mint leaves to your CRUZ Pink Port for a more intense freshness and to reveal its notes of raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries.

Thanks to its 130 years of experience and expertise passed on from generation to generation, CRUZ is reinventing itself to offer you new ways of discovering port. Whether it is the copper hues of your Tawny, the golden amber colour of CRUZ White Port or the ruby red hues of CRUZ Pink Port, you are sure to find one to suit your tastes for refreshing and surprising ‘fresco’ aperitifs!