Discovery: the grape harvest in the Douro valley

Named after the river that runs through it, the Douro valley is the birthplace of port wine and one of the oldest and most beautiful wine-growing areas in the world. Land of tradition and expertise, the Douro Valley remains part of the history of Porto CRUZ.

Discovery: the grape harvest in the Douro valley Discovery: the grape harvest in the Douro valley

The terraced arrangement of the vines on the steep sides of the valley makes mechanised harvesting impossible. The grapes are picked by hand, enabling the harvesters to select bunches with meticulous care. Once the picking and de-stemming stages are complete, pressing begins, releasing the pulp and juice without crushing the grape seeds. This step is still carried out by treading at traditional estates.

The addition of spirit during fermentation is known as "mutage". This is a crucial step that stops the transformation of sugar into alcohol and gives port wines all the sweetness and richness for which they are famous. The last stage in the process is the ageing and can last several years. It takes place in barrels, casks or in the bottle and can continue for decades.

Proud of its heritage, Porto CRUZ respects these traditions to offer high-quality port wines that will satisfy the most demanding palates.

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