Discover Sesimbra Carnival!

Discover this incredible carnival that punctuates the lives of Sesimbra’s residents for a few days every year!

Discover Sesimbra Carnival! Discover Sesimbra Carnival!

In Portugal, the homeland of Porto CRUZ, the small town of Sesimbra (located in the Lisbon region) takes on a new pace in February with its famous carnival. Hotly anticipated by residents and tourists alike, this event brings the entire population together.

It is one of the biggest carnivals in Portugal, with over a thousand participants, and is planned months in advance. Everyone who takes part in the parade, including schoolchildren and dancers, trains and rehearses their choreography to the sound of drums and tambourines.

There are two main highlights to the festivities:

• The first parade on the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday (Sunday 11 February this year), with processions of schoolchildren as well as samba groups who put on lively, colourful performances that get many spectators dancing as they admire the show.

• The second parade on Monday 12 February, which is one of the world’s largest processions of clowns. It is very famous throughout Portugal, and over 4,000 schoolchildren travel from around the country to watch.

A whole world of colours, creativity and fantastical fun that transforms the town of Sesimbra for these few days!