CRUZ Vintages

CRUZ Vintages are vintage Ports with unique bouquets which perfectly accompany poultry, cheeses and chocolate.


Their deep red colour develops into golden hues as the Port ages. Their noses develop slightly candied red berries. They feature a pleasantly harmonious taste of spicy flavours with light mulberry and blackcurry notes.

Vintage Ports are best enjoyed at room temperature after being decanted. They are the ideal accompaniment for poultry, blue cheeses and chocolate.


CRUZ Vintages are the result of unique harvest. They are aged for two to three years in oak casks before being aged for many additional years in bottles, which develops the complexity of their flavours.


CRUZ Vintages should be kept in a cool, dark place with a temperature that remains below 15°C, and should be enjoyed within 48 hours of decanting.

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