CRUZ Late Bottled Vintages

CRUZ Late Bottled Vintages are Ruby Ports of a unique quality which go perfectly with meats in strong sauces, powerful cheeses or, at the end of a meal, chocolate desserts.


These Ports have an intense ruby red colour. Their noses develop red berry notes. Their tastes feature rich, full-bodied flavours with notes of mint, spices and black berries.

Late Bottle Vintages are best enjoyed at room temperature after decanting, and they are excellent with meats in strong sauces as well as soft cheeses and chocolate desserts, since the tastes of these foods match the intensity of the Port's flavours.


CRUZ Late Bottle Vintages are prepared with premium red grape varieties harvested in a single year. The Ports continue to age in bottles after being aged for four to six years in oak casks.


CRUZ Late Bottle Vintages should be kept in a cool, dark place with a temperature that remains below 15°C, and should be enjoyed within 10 days after opening.

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