Opening of Gran Cruz House !

In Porto, on the banks of the Douro, discover Gran Cruz House, an establishment whose cosy and welcoming atmosphere extends to the bedrooms, with their chic and authentic décor. Your stay is sure to be comfortable and the perfect place from which to explore the city of Porto differently.

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The grape harvest: total immersion in the heart of the Douro Valley

Lying to the east of Porto, the Douro valley is distinguished by its terraces of vines along the river that bears its name. Between tradition and expertise, set off to discover the grape harvest, the first stage in the production of Porto Cruz.

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Gold for CRUZ!

CRUZ quality and excellence have been awarded once again!

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Fresco: A fresh, new experience of port!

This summer, Fresco is back for ever-more refreshing and surprising aperitifs.

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The Festa de São João

The Festa de São João, or the festival of St. John in English, is over six centuries old. It takes place every year in the beautiful city of Porto, where thousands of people take to the streets in a fun and festive atmosphere to celebrate St. John. Discover this typical event from the Porto region.

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Set off in discovery of our gourmet harmonies!

Surprise your guests with a meal based on exceptional port wines.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of Portugal with PORTO CRUZ

The GRAN CRUZ House, whose origins date back to 1887, is the product of a long tradition that combines passion with innovation. The excellence of its wines comes from its complete mastery of the production process for Port.

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Discover Sesimbra Carnival!

Discover this incredible carnival that punctuates the lives of Sesimbra’s residents for a few days every year!

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Learn all about Red Port wines

From appellations to storage and tasting, Porto Cruz answers the questions asked more often.

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PORTO CRUZ Heritage Cuvée

2017 was a special year for PORTO CRUZ, celebrating the 130th anniversary of the House GRAN CRUZ. For this special occasion, a new premium and unique reference has been crafted: CRUZ HERITAGE.

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